EBR Elf Tree

It’s that time of year again! As the holiday season approaches and we enter a season of giving, many of our EBR students are in need of a little extra holiday cheer. We invite you to adopt one of our 2021 EBR Elves and help us to stuff the sleigh!
Any gift donated to 1050 S. Foster Dr. will find its way into the hands of a deserving child. Financial contributions made to the Elf Tree Project will be used to purchase toys, clothes, or hygiene products for EBRPSS students.
Click here to view our complete list of EBR Elves and return to this page to finalize your selection.  If your elf  has already been selected, you must then chose another elf.
Popular gift items include: Arts and Crafts, Books, Toys, Dolls, Toy Cars, Legos, Bikes (helmets), Scooters
If you’d like to make a financial contribution to EBRPSS students, please visit foundationebr.org.

Do I have to buy everything on the wish list? No, any donation is appreciated!
Do I wrap the gift? Gift bags, clear wrapping, or no gift wrapping is acceptable.
How do I label my gifts? Please label each item or bag with the child’s name & elf number.
When are the gifts due? Please return gifts to the EBR School Board Office (1050 S. Foster Drive) no later than Friday, December 10th.

If you’d like to make a financial contribution to EBRPSS students instead, please visit foundationebr.org. Your generosity is appreciated!



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