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The Dufrocq School, a Certified Magnet School and Magnet School of Excellence, is committed to educational growth and academic success for all students. Teachers are empowered to work to improve student learning, and they are encouraged to differentiate, as they use innovative strategies and best practices to create successful learning opportunities for students.



330 South 19th Street Baton Rouge, LA 70806

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Ph: 225.334.7653


Ariane St. Julien

Real World Curriculum Throughout the Day

The Dufrocq School is the only school in East Baton Rouge Parish and the state of Louisiana with MicroSociety as its magnet theme. This 4-Star MicroSociety is a small community established within the school. Students study citizenship, society, economy, government, and business. They work in their own microcosm of the real world as legislators, business owners, bankers, attorneys, community leaders, and peace officers. Students create a constitution, elect officers, establish legislation, and run their society within the school. Students chose to name their community “Crawfish Bayou.” They create a marketplace, establish businesses, vote, serve on juries, shop, pay taxes, and settle disputes in court, which provides a context for real-world curriculum throughout the day.

Teachers serve as facilitators in making sure that student activity is directly connected to state academic requirements, and that learning meets the high academic standards of The Dufrocq School.  The school’s vision is to prepare students for the demands of the 21st century by offering differentiated, effective, and rigorous curriculum as an entitlement to all. By implementing the school’s vision, students will be prepared to function as independent and responsible citizens in their community.

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