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With wall-to-wall academies, Scotlandville Magnet High School has a program for everyone, including: Academic Magnet, Academy of Engineering, Academy of Finance, Academy of Health Science, Academy of Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Law and Government, and Traditional Programs. Along with the wall-to-wall academies, Scotlandville also has a wall full of trophies to match Extracurricular and athletic activities include the State Championship boys’ basketball team, girls’ basketball, volleyball, cross country, indoor and outdoor track, football, and over 30 clubs.



9870 Scotland Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70807

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Ph: 225.775.3715


Tiffany Quiett

Nationally Recognized

The Hornets have been state basketball champions for six years, and the school has been a Distinguished Academy of Engineering for five consecutive years, bringing major business and industry partners together on the High School of Engineering Professions (HSEP) Advisory Council. The Hornets are also home to a nationally recognized band, which keeps the heartbeat of this school marching forward! 

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