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Set in the heart of a residential neighborhood, parents affectionately refer to Merrydale Elementary School as “Rio Drive Elementary” – its street location.



6700 Rio Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70812

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Ph: 225.355.0346


Sherna Lumar

Promotes Manners and Social Skills

With gifted classes available for Kindergarten through grade five, Merrydale also offers a wide selection of ancillary courses including music, art, and drama. In music, students learn how to use their voices correctly to sing melodious sounds and play instruments used in school performances. In art, students master techniques used to create original art pieces that adorn the school campus. To increase critical thinking skills, students are challenged to transfer content class learning to dramatic skits. Engagement opportunities include Garden Club, Let Me Run, and Girls on the Run. Many of the girls work hard to earn a spot in the popular Girls with Pearls Run, which focuses on self esteem, etiquette, and social skills. Recently, Merrydale was featured on the local news for its implementation of Manners of the Heart, a social skills program that promotes manners and social skills among children.

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