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Highland Elementary is a premiere neighborhood school with a rich history of academic excellence. Follow in the Tiger footprints of the many students who have walked these halls.



280 Sunset Boulevard Baton Rouge, LA 70808

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Ph: 225.766.1272


Sharon Thomas

Confident, Loved and Prepared

Each classroom provides its own unique personality, reflecting the nurturing and dedicated teachers who work here. Just a few miles away from LSU, Highland Elementary has a constant presence from volunteers who participate in the Reading Friends program and other volunteer opportunities. Students can also explore: science club, gardening club, music classes, and computer lab.

Highland Elementary was a 2017-2018 Top Gains School and was recognized as a Florida Parish Top Growth School in 2018. The staff is unparalleled and strives to make every child feel confident, loved, and prepared for the next step. At Highland Elementary, students are confident, prepared, and most importantly loved!

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