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EBR Readiness Middle School Campus (formerly known as Greenville Alternative at Beechwood), is a special incentive program designed to assist middle school students in becoming successful, academically and behaviorally, and be able to return them to their home schools. This school utilizes behavior modification and a military style regime while incorporating leadership training.



2555 Desoto Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70807

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Ph: 225.775.4285


Rodney Coates

Student-Centered Instruction

Students dress in Battle Dress Uniforms as they move through four levels of behavior and achievement. During this process, students are able to grow in their ability to discipline themselves and develop a value of education. With completion of the fourth level, students earn the right to return to their home schools.  Clinical support includes a counselor, social worker, behavior strategist, special education, speech therapist, and behavioral support. The Baton Rouge Council for the arts program works with the school by providing an experienced Arts Teacher twice per week. The teacher focuses on instruments, dance, drama, sketching, and drawing. Students can participate in intramural football, basketball, and physical education. Clearly, EBR Readiness students are surrounded by a staff who cares and supports them in this second chance opportunity. They are also surrounded by community businesses who have offered programmatic and incentive contributions. The school boasts an 80 percent success rate for recidivism and accepts all students. 

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