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Claiborne and Howell Park Elementary Schools bring new meaning to the saying that “two is better than one.” Claiborne and Howell Park have seamlessly blended into one location, and the staff and students have become one big family.

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4707 Denham Street Baton Rouge LA 70805

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Ph: 225.357.9712


David DeBerry


The school is committed to developing a lifelong love of learning through an arts-integrated curriculum. They believe that success comes when the community gets involved in supporting the education of our children, and because of this, the school invites participation in their popular after-school community outreach tutoring program. They also encourage students to get involved in one of their many extracurricular activities such as Student Council, The R.O.A.R Reading Cafe, or the fitness club. The school’s mission, in partnership with the community, is to provide authentic learning opportunities through the arts that will allow students to experience the world around them.

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