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Capitol Middle School is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment that fosters rigorous learning while also promoting the individual creative spirit in each student. Administration, faculty and staff realize children are the future and strive to provide all the tools necessary for a successful life for each student.



5100 Greenwell Springs Road Baton Rouge, LA 70806

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Ph: 225.231.9292


Viola Jackson

Capitol offers high school credited Algebra I, family consumer science, and Journey to Careers. The school has a National Junior Beta Club and Capitol Middle Magnet Cougarettes Dance Team. The Gaming and Animation Program incorporates a curriculum using science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills to promote critical thinking and to enhance problem-solving literacy in a project-oriented setting. The goals of the program are to help the students develop flexible knowledge, effective problem-solving skills, self-directed learning, effective collaboration skills, and intrinsic motivation. Students will also learn about the principles of marketing including defining, designing, and creating a model to promote their projects. The web design course will teach students the foundation and fundamental concepts of web design by creating a website using the techniques of designing and creating stunning websites using industry-based programs. 

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