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Bernard Terrace Elementary School is committed to meeting the social, emotional, and academic needs of its students. The proud first place winner of the EBR Foundation’s STEM Bowl, Bernard Terrace offers an exemplary Gifted program and accelerated classes. In addition, students can participate in ancillary activities such as dance and cheer teams. Girl and Boy Scouts, Girls in Pearls (a leadership program tailored for female students wanting to enhance social, emotional, and academic growth), Young Gentleman Alliance, and Student Council further assist in providing students with the fortitude and skills needed to follow their moral compass, confidence in their decision making, and character to build a meaningful future.



241 Edison Street Baton Rouge LA 70806

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Ph: 225.343.5769


Terri Wallis


The excellent faculty at Bernard Terrace works tirelessly each day to create unlimited opportunities for all students.

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