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Fair Share Program


The Mission of the Fair Share Program is to facilitate the inclusion of minority and women owned businesses in the procurement, design and construction processes of the East Baton Rouge Parish Public School System.


To provide improved access to opportunities for participants in the program.


The reduction of barriers and enhanced economic development of women owned & minority owned businesses in the Baton Rouge Community. This is in support of a 20% utilization goal for women and minority owned businesses



     GO—Upon certification, focus on what your company does well.

     GROW—Expand your brand and build capacity.

     COMPETE—Participate, network and re-invest in your company

The Fair Share Program is a business assistance program for Minority and Women owned Business Enterprises (MWBE). It offers a broad scope of assistance to businesses that are at least 51% owned and controlled by minority and women ownership. The program objective is to help ensure participation of MWBE’s in procurement and contract opportunities with the EBRPP School System. Participants in the program receive information related to business opportunities within the school system.

The Fair Share Program helps to Provide business development support:

  • Relationship building
  • Bidding procedures
  • Business marketing
  • Access to financial assistance
  • Possible bonding support


Step 1 – Contact Fair Share Office to receive Company Profile Form

Step 2 – Once Company Profile is received a One on One Interview will be set up

Step 3 – Complete application online.

Q– What is the purpose of the Fair Share Program?
A– The purpose of the Fair Share Program is to provide  improved access to opportunities provided by the EBRPPSS.

Q– How do I apply to be a part of The Fair Share Program?
A–  To become a participant in the Fair Share Program you would first complete a Company Profile, receive an One on One interview & Complete an Application.

Q– If I don’t have a DBE Certification can I still apply to be a participant of the Fair Share Program?
A–  Yes, you can still apply and be a participant of the Fair Share Program.

Q– Which Departments do the Bids come from?
A– Primarily Aramark, CSRS/ Tillage & Purchasing

Q– What is the Bidding Process for jobs?
A– Attend the Pre- Bid Meeting, Submit Bids & if your Bid is accepted complete the job.

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Mission: To promote a greater awareness of business opportunities in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System.

Goals: Aspirational goal of 20% utilization of Minority and Women owned Business Enterprises. Provide optimum customer service to Minority and Women owned Business Enterprises. Create key partnerships in the local community and throughout the state of Louisiana

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